ANNOUNCEMENT:With the news of Tad Williams returning to the world of Osten Ard, I will be renewing this re-read. Please stay tuned here!


Welcome to the page where I put all the info about my Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn re-read and analysis. As I say with each of the posts I make in this series, If you have never read this series before, and have somehow found this site by accident, there WILL BE MASSIVE SERIES-BREAKING SPOILERS throughout this re-read and analysis. I do not believe I can stress this enough. DO NOT read this if you have never read the series before, unless you just don’t mind knowing how a many-thousand-page epic series concludes. There will be Spoilers. The will be MANY Spoilers. You have been warned. Anyway, here you go.

The Pre-Re-Read and introductory post to the re-read, in which I tell you my credentials (what little they are), and let you know what I’m up to with this thing.

The Dragonbone Chair
Part One, Chapters 1 – 3
Part Two, Chapters 4 – 6
Part Three, Chapters 7 – 9
Part Four, Chapters 10 – 12
Part Five, Chapters 13 – 15
Part Six, Chapters 16 – 18
Part Seven, Chapters 19 – 21
Part Eight, Chapters 22 – 24
Part Nine, Chapters 25 – 27
Part Ten, Chapters 28 – 29
Part Eleven, Chapters 30 – 31
Part Twelve, Chapters 32 – 33
Part Thirteen, Chapter 34

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