Hey, it’s me again. I feel like I do this a lot, huh? Anyway, for anyone who reads the other big thing on my blog, The Wheel of Time Casting Call, you’ll know I’m about to have some free Fridays. The Casting Call is ending, and I plan on taking its place with the MS&T Re-read. Sorry it’s been such a hectic schedule the last two months, but quite frankly, those two projects are too large to fit in the same week with each other, especially when I’m writing my own stories on the side, and am a full-time musician. So anyway, one more week, I promise, and MS&T will be back and ready for action.

Also, there may be a cool surprise for all you Tad Williams fans soon, collaborated between myself and Olaf Keith of A Gentle Madness. Keep an eye out for it!

Brandon Daggerhart