Welcome back to the NEXT-TO-LAST The Wheel of Time Casting Call. We’re in week 4 of our Tier 1, or primary characters, and we’re going to do a little bit of a Yin Yang thing in this week’s episode.

As a note on the art: For most of the art I use for characters, I am getting it from the amazing Seamas Gallagher gallery, who does some of the best WoT art out there. Some of the other I’ve used is from the equally amazing Jeremy Saliba. A lot of the art I use is cropped, so that I can fit the most character on the screen without having to deal with fancy borders and such, so you guys should definitely check these guys’ sites out (where you will find the full, beautiful pictures) and support them if at all possible. Some characters, no matter how important(ish) they are, do not have art though.

Speaking of the art, I’m not going to mince words here – there is literally no art of Moridin out on the webz. Seriously. Google it. You’ll come up with a fake CCG where someone used some art that only barely looks like Moridin, you’ll find some weird boy-love fanart of Moridin and Voldemort, and you’ll come up with a lot of pictures of Jude Law and Ishamael. That’s it. It’s stupid – he’s one of the most important characters in the series, and no one’s done any serious art of him. I even tried to find art that looked close enough to what I imagined Moridin to look like, all to no avail. DeviantArt, Google Images, and ConceptArt all failed me. So yeah, I had very little to go with here, as you will see. I promise, if anyone can send me some actual Moridin art, I will put it in this post.

Oh, and there will be spoilers, up to and including Towers of Midnight. You have been warned.

The penultimate Casting Call goes to two characters who were very much behind the scenes, super important characters for the second half of the series. Moridin shows up around A Crown of Swords, and though Rand doesn’t know it, Moridin begins gathering up and putting in line the Dark One’s key players – the other Forsaken, and various other evil peoplez. Rand finally pulls back this curtain (accidentally) in The Gathering Storm, but it leads to Rand walking down the darkest path he’s yet walked. Moiraine Damodred, on the other hand, only became “behind the scenes,” when we realized, as readers, that she had to be alive (due to Min’s Viewings of her). It became so important, because we knew she was the first name on Rand’s list of dead women, and she was going to be one of the keys to Rand’s triumph. Her rescue was one of the most anticipated arcs for the last half of the series, and now we can only wonder at what her importance will be (though I’m hoping and betting that the keywords “Rand getting his ass balefired by Moraine to prevent him from turning to the Dark in a 13/13 move” are involved in some way ;)).

M&M are, as far as we can tell, going to be two key players in the upcoming Last Battle. Most people seem to agree (though some don’t like it) that Moridin will be who Rand has to fight, as the avatar of the Dark One versus the avatar of the Creator (or something like that). Of course, Our Hero still has to seal the Bore after that, but as sneaky, sneaky Verin said, the Dark One is not fighting this battle like the Heroes think, so there are likely to be some major surprises to be had. As for Moiraine, on the other hand, we have no idea why she is so important that Min literally had a Viewing to the effect of “Rand has no chance without Moraine.” There are theories, many of them involving Moraine being the second of the two woman Rand will take with him (along with Nynaeve) to seal the Bore. We’ll see.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

We met Moridin as simply “the Wanderer” in Shadar Logath, who helped Rand during his battle with Sammael. Despite all of Egon Spengler’s warnings, Moridin and Rand crossed their balefire streams, and shit got seriously frakked up. Somehow, seemingly due to this event, the two of them have begun merging in some weird, metaphysical way – Rand can’t channel saidin without feeling nauseous, and Moridin begins feeling some of Rand’s physical pain, including our poor boy’s arm getting blown off.

Moridin seems to play a bit of that “calm, cool, and collected” villain, where little gets under his skin, but he definitely has a temper. Physically, he is strikingly handsome, with blue eyes and black hair. He has a deep voice and a square chin, and looks to be in his mid twenties. We also know him to be very tall now, with broad shoulders.

I’ve seen a lot of people calling for Jude Law for the role, and while I don’t disagree with that choice (and would even support it should the movie/TV show be made without my input!), I think we can do better. My ideal choice would be David Boreanaz from the Buffy/Angel days, back when he was younger and . . . ahem . . . thinner.

I know he’s going to have to grow some of his hair back, but I like Wentworth Miller for this role. Miller has an aura about him that just seems to ooze malicious intentions. He always looks like he’s planning for two steps ahead of everyone else around him, and quite frankly, he looks like a bit of a dick. Which I think Moridin should be. Granted, he’s only a couple years younger than Boreanaz, but he’s aged a bit better. And in other news, he’s thinner.

Wentworth Miller as Moridin

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Prison Break
Various TV Shows

Moiraine e-Book cover

And then we come up to Moiraine Damodred, who is possibly going to give me the largest headache I’ve had since starting this project, due to the unwavering fanboy/girl-ism of using a specific actress for her part. We’ll get to that in a bit. In the meantime, here’s what we know. Moiraine was held prisoner by the Snakes and Foxes after she supposedly killed Lanfear at the docks of Cairhein, in one of the most awesome and heroic scenes in the series. She has lost a lot of power since then, but has become a bit of a legend amongst the Aes Sedai. There’s even the possibility that she will get a spanking from Cadsuane – Cadsuane promised in New Spring, and being bound to the Oaths, that technically must happen, right? 🙂 Even before her heroics, she was one of the most important characters, being the person who found and trained Rand to become the person he is.


She is a short woman, which is talked about often. She has large, dark eyes, and long, dark hair that hangs in ringlets, and is very pretty, with a smooth, ageless face of an Aes Sedai. She is often noted for her very pale Cairheinen skin tones. She has a lot of charisma, and her face and eyes seem to demand attention. She has a melodious voice and laugh, and pretty smile.

So let’s get this out of the way. I just don’t like Rachel Weisz. Believe me, I’ve tried. As it has become apparent over the years that everyone things she should play Moiraine, I have tried to fit her into the mold in my mind, and I just can’t do it. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about. It’s not that I think she’s a bad actress (though I think she sucked in The Mummy – but then again, everyone sucked in The Mummy), and it’s certainly not that I think she doesn’t look the part. I think it’s her voice. For whatever reason, her voice just doesn’t do it for me. Moiraine’s voice is constantly called “melodious,” “chiming,” or some other metaphor for “musical.” Granted, this is very subjective, but I just don’t see Weisz doing what I want her to do. Maybe I’m just nit-picking.

So, I’m going with Mary Louise Parker, who has easily become one of my favorite actresses in the last five years or so. She has pale, creamy skin, naturally long, dark hair, and big, dark eyes. She is gorgeous, and I really like how her voice sounds, especially thinking of Moiraine. She also has an appearance that, to me, demands attention, which I believe would be necessary for Moiraine. I do admit that there is a bit of a height issue – Moiraine is very short, while Parker is pretty tall for a lady, but I figure in scenes where it really matters, they could use LotR-style camera tricks to make her appear shorter. So there you have it – one of the most-asked-about casting choices in the entire series (which is why I left it for next-to-last). Feel free to disagree!

Mary Louise Parker as Moiraine Damodred

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Red Dragon

That’s it. We can agree to disagree if you have problems with Mary Louise Parker. You ain’t changing my mind on that one.

So tune in next week for the very last Casting Call. I feel there may be some (hopefully pleasantly) surprised faces once I reveal Rand and Egwene. We’ll see what happens.

-Brandon Daggerhart