Well, this is it. This is the last post in Tier 3. Next week, we take a mini break (with a poll), then move forward to Tier 2, which is mostly (but not all) Forsaken and major antagonists. I still have yet to decide on a Berelain replacement, though I am going to post a poll next week on three choices for her.

For Tier 2, the format is going to change slightly. Since we’re dealing with progressively more important characters, I will be finding artistic renditions of the characters (where I can), and a few more pictures of the actors. Also, we will be moving back down to (probably) five characters a week, since the posts will be a good bit longer, with more in-depth information. This will start in two weeks (March 25).

But that is neither here nor now. Let’s finish what we’ve started.

Check here for previous entries to the Casting Call, and Go Here Now! if you have your own suggestions for the Casting Call. Oh, and yeah, there may be spoilers, up to Towers of Midnight . . . there you go.

Tam al’Thor

Tam al’Thor is a very important character in the series. And he’s important for very important reasons. It is not so much about what he does and how he acts throughout the series that defines him, but rather about what he did and how he acted before the series ever started. And by that, I mean how Tam raised Our Hero, Rand al’Thor. It is showed rather explicitly throughout the series that Tam’s character, which directly influenced Rand’s, is extremely important to the story – this was made even more obvious in the latest two books. So, we need someone who people could relate to as a strong and positive role model. For description, he needs to be aging, with dark (but graying) hair, and “blocky.” Must also be shorter than Rand, but seriously, that’s not too hard a feat to accomplish.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Tam al'Thor
I give you Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Morgan is a very adept at playing the father of young men who must save the world, and he has a bit of a friendly-but-I’ll-kick-your-ass-if-I-have-to flair that I think would suit Tam very well. Granted, he is only in his mid-forties, but I don’t think it would be much of an issue to age him a bit with makeup and effects.

(Note: This role may have gone to Richard Gere ten years ago)

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Grey’s Anatomy

Tarna Feir

When first we meet Tarna, it is pretty easy to assume she’s going to be Yet Another Antagonistic Red Sister (YAARS). She shows up in Salidar and makes threats to the rebel Aes Sedai, then proceeds to make Nyneave and Elayne uncomfortable. She is described as haughty, arrogant, and humorless (fun!), with pale yellow hair. She is tall-ish, as well, and has a “prominent chin.”

Reese Witherspoon as Tarna Feir
In my not-so-humble-opinion, we have a match made in heaven by putting Reese Witherspoon in this role. Reese has a clipped way of speaking that could definitely be described as “haughty” or “arrogant,” and since she’s rarely funny, she fits the “humorless” criteria well (I keed! I keed!). Physically, she’s perfect, down to the strong chin, height, hair color, and everything.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Sweet Home Alabama
Walk the Line

Teslyn Baradon

Teslyn starts her introduction to the series as a definite YAARS, being one of those who originally takes Siuan into custody, and speculating on how useless Gawyn is (which, really, haven’t we all done that?). However, once Elaida decides to make an example of her and Joline, she becomes a much more interesting character, going so far as to first helping Mat out with a note, and then becoming his friend (kind of). She is scrawny, mean-looking, and not very attractive. She has dark eyes (so I assume dark-ish hair as well, since we’re not told).

Lorna Raver as Teslyn
Lorna Raver is a pretty mean-ish looking actress that fits the criteria. But more importantly, I think she can pull off the almost-humorously-mean way which her relationship with Mat eventually develops into (watch her play a Q in ST:Voyager).

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Drag Me to Hell
The Young and the Restless
Various other TV Shows

Theodrin Dabei

Theodrin makes a pretty good first impression on us – though she will brook no nonsense, she does not try to goad the SuperGirls into talking when they are being punished. She flees with the rebels and later helps Nynaeve try to break her block on Saidar. She is described as very graceful, apple-cheeked, and “willowy.” She is older than Faolain.

Tea Leoni as Theodrin
Theodrin took awhile, but I finally decided on Téa Leoni. Leoni has all the descriptors necessary (even apple-cheeked, assuming that means “blushy”), and she seems to have a demeanor about her that would fit well with the Above-Accepted-But-Not-Quite-Aes-Sedai status she has as of LoC.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Deep Impact
Jurassic Park III
Fun With Dick and Jane


Therava. One of the most hateful characters in the entire series, even moreso than a lot of Black Ajah and other Shaido. Sure, she gives Galina quite a few bad days, and for that, we should thank her . . . but seriously, this chick is someone whose presence I would not wish upon the people I most dislike in the world. She has gray hair (or red hair streaked with white, depending on which book she is described in), a “leathery face,” and is taller than most men.

Sophia Loren as Therava
I’m going with Italian actress Sophia Loren on this. She just has the look. She looks severe, relatively leathery, and has the right natural hair color. While she is definitely not taller than most men (being 5’9″), she is tall enough that camera tricks could be used to make her work.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Grumpier Old Men
Between Strangers
Lots of Italian Films

Toram Riatin

Douchebag alert! As soon as we meet Riatin, he forces his attentions on a woman who does not want said attentions, then challenges Rand to a duel because Rand was speaking with said woman, and to top it all off, is apparently quite chummy with Padan Fain. Could this guy get much slimier? He is very tall for a Cairhienen, has broad shoulders, and is handsome with a deep voice.

Jeremy Sisto as Toram Riatin
Jeremy Sisto is our man here. The guy is one of my favorite actors, but he just has a look about him that warns you to steer clear of him. He would certainly be considered tall in Cairhien (since apparently, most Cairhienen men fall below about 5’8″), and definitely has that deep voice down.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Six Feet Under (awesome in this)
Unknown (the 2006 one, not this year’s)
Law and Order

Tylin Quintara of House Mitsobar

Oh, Tylin . . . you crazy, crazy woman. While I’m not here to debate the definitions of – and what constitutes as – “rape,” I will say that Tylin is not a favorite character of mine. Sure, her scenes with Mat are meant to play as comic relief . . . but I dare you to reverse the genders in the first scene where she ties him to a bed at knifepoint, and then find the scene humorous. Anyway, not here for that! Tylin is dark haired, pretty, and has large, dark eyes. She is also relatively short.

Sela Ward as Queen Tylin
Well, Sela Ward is not short, but I’m willing to let that one slide, because she’s an awesome and lovely actress who could pull off being a queen in a heartbeat. She’s also apparently awesome enough to have a road named after her. That sounds Queenly.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
House (and lots of TV shows)
Runaway Bride
The Stepfather

Uno Nomesta

The cursingest character in the series is none other than Shienaran Uno, the famous eyepatch-wearer. He is a tough badass, scarred, bald, and missing an eye, but when in scenes with Nynaeve, is one of the funniest characters in the series. I picture his voice to be pretty much a constant growl.

Gerard Butler as Uno
King Leonidas, aka Gerard Butler, is taking this role, hands down. Painted-on-abs or not, the dude can throw down like nobody’s business. Even in romantic comedies, he always plays the rough-talking bit-of-a-bastard that fits Uno so well. He’d probably look pretty cool with a shaved head, too.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
The Ugly Truth
The Bounty Hunter

Valan Luca

Our favorite playboy has arrived. Whether or not he’s a Tinker or Hero of the Horn in disguise, one thing is certain about him – our boy likes the ladies. His interactions with Nynaeve throughout The Fires of Heaven are downright hilarious, and quite frankly always make me think of Pepé Le Pew. He is tall, dark-haired, and handsome, with a “well-turned leg.”

Josh Duhamel as Valan Luca
I decided to go with one of the “hunks” that people seem so fond of right now, and at the same time, figured he should be a pretty good actor (sorry Rob Pattinson). Josh Duhamel takes this one. Plus, he’s apparently got some French heritage, so that fits my Pepé Le Pew mentality. Right? Right.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
When in Rome

Weiramon Saniago

The ultimate douchebag of the series, many people speculated for many books whether or not Weiramon was a darkfriend, or just plain stupid. He has thin hair (with a combover), is very thin, tall-ish, has a long nose, and struts around like a rooster.

James Rebhorn as Weiramon
I’m using one of my favorite character actors in the world, James Rebhorn here. Look at him. Just look at him. Long nose, thin (or no) hair, and often plays the haughty doctor/lawyer/corporate schmuck type. I look forward to seeing him stupid his way through the series next to Rand.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
The Game (love it!)
The Box
Baby Momma

There you have it. We are officially DONE with Tier 3. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

As I said above, next week, I will not be jumping immediately into Tier 2, but will rather be doing a follow up post, as well as a poll for Berelain, based off three actresses that I think can pull it off (and that people will hopefully like). If that doesn’t interest you, look for me again on March 25 to start off Tier 2 with a bang (and some Forsaken).