Time for another week of casting. I’m moving up to ten characters for the next three weeks, which will knock out everyone left in Tier 3, and that way, we can move forward to characters that people actually give a damn about. 🙂

I did notice this week, by dint of how the various characters’ names fall alphabetically, that I had some of my biggest stars in this part. Fun stuff. Oh, check here for previous entries to the Casting Call, and Go Here Now! if you have your own suggestions for the Casting Call. Oh, and yeah, there may be spoilers, up to Towers of Midnight . . . there you go.

Rock on!

Nalesean of House Aldiaya

Nalesean started following Mat around after Mat whupped a lot of Shaido ass during the Battle of Cairhien. He is described as square-faced and blocky, with a pointed black beard (as is the Tairen style).

Adam Scott as Nalesean
Because I was not 100% sure on his personality, I decided to just use appearance for this Casting. Now, ‘blocky’ is not something that Adam Scott would really be described as, but I can think of few other actors who could so aptly be described as ‘square-faced.’ He has black hair, so as long as he can grow a beard, it’s a good match.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Knocked Up
Tell Me You Love Me
Parks and Recreation


Nerim is one of Mat’s other ‘butlers,’ and often plays as part comic-relief, but sometimes part trope in the flesh. He is older, with gray hair, and is short “even for a Cairhienen,” and very melancholy.

Dustin Hoffman as Nerim
Big actor alert here, and quite frankly, I call it inspired, especially since I literally go into fits of adolescent giggles when I think of Dustin Hoffman as Nerim getting into arguments with Paul Giamatti (as Lopin) about what Mat should be wearing. Hoffman deserves roles like this, where he can really shines as a charismatic, yet comedic actor. Plus, he’s a tiny little man, so he fits the shortness criteria. Love this one.

Places you’ve seen him:
Meet the Fockers
Stranger than Fiction
Rain Man (duh)


One of only two other Wolfbrothers we’ve been introduced to beyond Perrin, and seemingly a sad case of how Perrin may one day end up. Noam is completely lost in the wolf (though he has good reason to be, as we find out in ToM), and paints a dire portrait for Perrin of his possible future. The main descriptions we’re given of him are that he’s a big man with broad shoulders and, of course, golden eyes.

Robert Patrick as Noam
Well, Robert Patrick is a big man, and if you look at him sporting a massive beard and wrestling like a bear in recent years, I doubt you would have any problems with seeing him trying to chew through bars.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
X-Files (later seasons)
Walk the Line


The little boy who is not Gaidal Cain, but is otherwise often described pretty much as the ugliest child most people have ever seen. He follows Mat around from LoC onwards, as his parents were killed by Shaido. He takes after Mat, and even as a young child, gets into trouble by flirting with women. He has big ears, a big mouth, a squashed nose, and looks to be around ten years old.

First of all, I will tell you that I feel pretty bad googling “ugly kid actors” trying to find someone to fit the role of Olver. Seriously, it’s kind of weird, almost feeling like I’m sinking a bit into hell each time I clicked on some kid’s picture.

Raymond Ochoa as Olver
Anyway, Raymond Ochoa, the actor that I’ve chosen, in most pictures, would not be considered terribly ugly at all, but I did go out of my way to find (to the best of my abilities) the most unflattering picture I could of the boy, and I still feel like mothers everywhere are glowering at me. Oh well, let’s just move on from here.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Yogi Bear
Err… not a lot else … maybe we’ll see more from him in upcoming years

Pedron Niall

Pedron Niall is one of the most awesome characters in the series, especially when it comes to the whole moral ambiguity side of things. He badasses himself (politically, not sword-fightingly) through several books before his unfortunate assassination, and even then still tries his best to go out with style (which he does not). He is old and frail-looking, “all sinew and bones,” with white hair and dark eyes.

Clint Eastwood as Pedron Niall
Searching for actors for this role, I needed an old actor that the audience would still understand could kick their ass if needed. There were none to compete with Clint Eastwood for the role, the second of several really big-named actors this part. Eastwood would have no problems playing the part of the old general who has one last, good fight in him (since that’s been the plot of almost every one of his movies for the last, what, ten years?).

Places you’ve seen him:
Gran Torino
Million Dollar Baby
Space Cowboys (!!!)

Pevara Tazanovni

One of only two or three really awesome Red Sisters in the series (seriously, most are douches, and you know it), Pevara is one of the infamous Black Ajah Hunters, part of a storyline which started aaaallll the way back in ACoS. Nowadays, she’s in pretty dire circumstance at the Black Tower, but hopefully she’ll be just as badass as we’ve always expected her to be, and be instrumental in bringing Taim down. She is plump and short, but pretty with dark eyes, and is “always cheerful.”

Melanie Lynskey as Pevara
Not much is said about her age, except that her relatives were all killed by darkfriends many decades prior to the story, so I’m going middle-aged-ish. Which on an Aes Sedai, should still look relatively young-ish, which brings us to Melanie Lynskey. Lynskey is hardly “plump,” though in Hollywood, anything over a size – what, zero? two? – is considered ‘pudgy.’ Anyway, she looks cheerful enough, and I think would do well here, plus already has Red Ajah attire on.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Sweet Home Alabama (one of my wife’s favorite movies)
Flags of our Fathers
Coyote Ugly

Reanne Corly

One of the Wise Women of Ebou Dar, and integral to the plot of ACoS (and then basically a nuisance from then on), Reanne has gray hair, wrinkles, and blue eyes, and is over her 400th birthday. She has a pretty strong character, lots of backbone, which she shows to Elayne and Nynaeve during their first confrontation.

Candice Bergen as Reanne
Murphy Brown . . . ahem . . . Candice Bergen is going to get this one. She’s getting older, and fits the older looking criteria, and I doubt many can remember Bergen’s prior shows and not know that she can play a strong character.

Places you’ve possibly seen her
Murphy Brown
Sex and the City


One of my favorite characters (and unfortunately, mostly demoted to side character in later books in the series), Rhuarc is one of the men in the series that defines the Aiel for me. He is (as are most Aiel) a ridiculously great warrior, and also gets to be a part of one of the Aiel love triangles, which is pretty hip, I guess. He is tall, graying, and very strong and handsome.

Kevin McKidd as Rhuarc
Many people may question how I even know Kevin McKidd, and all I can say is, there was once a time (or sixty) when my wife convinced me to watch Grey’s Anatomy with her. And McKidd was always my favorite character once he showed up. I jokingly called him McScruffy, to give him a name next to McDreamy and McSteamy (God, how do I know this… ?). Anyway, strong, tall, red hair, a little dye to turn it slightly gray (since he’s only 38 years old), and you have a spitting image of Rhuarc.

(Side Note: Robert Redford may have been great for this role 10 – 15 years ago, though he would need some extra height.)

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Grey’s Anatomy
Made of Honour
Kingdom of Heaven

Rodel Ituralde

Rodel was tantalizingly not introduced to us ‘in the flesh’ for many, many books (first appearance is CoT, I believe?), though he was one of those Five Great Generals that occasionally you’d hear Gareth Bryne or Mat talk about. And as soon as he shows up, it’s obvious he’s worth all the talk and buildup he’s been given. He and his armies slaughter Seanchan unlike any other force in the series (though he takes great tolls in doing so), and earns the respect of Seanchan generals he beats. He is described as particularly short, with dark hair, and a thin mustache.

Robert Downey, Jr as Rodel Ituralde
Yup, I went with Robert Downey, Jr. and am happy doing so. This makes the 3rd major actor in the lineup this week, but I have no problems seeing Downey kicking The Ever Victorious Army’s butt from one battlefield to the next. Plus, he’s kinda short – barely taller than Tom Cruise, I believe. And seriously, he is one of the finest actors of our generation. (I made sure to find a shot of him with an Ituralde-style mustache).

Places you’ve seen him:
Iron Man 1 & 2
Sherlock Holmes
Tropic Thunder

Romanda Cassin

Last week we got Pain-In-The-Ass (PITA) of Egwene #1, this week, we get PITA #2. Romanda’s entire role in the series that we have seen is to be a vine-to-trip-over on Egwene’s path to being the true Amyrlin. And boy, she fulfills that role superbly. She is older, with white hair (which she wears in a bun), and has a soprano voice. Handsome rather than beautiful.

Judi Dench as Romanda
If Dame Judi Dench doesn’t fit that, then I don’t know who does. Dench owns whatever role she slips into, and she it would be awesome (in a horrible way) seeing her and Diane Keaton making Egwene’s life miserable for five books (or so).

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
James Bond (the new ones)
The Chronicles of Riddick

Well, there you have it (again). Two more weeks and we’ll be moving on to Tier 2, which is going to r0x0rs s0x0rs (apparently). Hope you enjoyed!