Woah, is that another Wheel of Time Casting Call over yonder? I believe it is! Those poor, poor actors and actresses, having to to grovel and beg to be included in such a prestigious event.

Yeah, so here we go, I have some really favorite castings in this – not necessarily in terms of favorite characters, but I’m really proud of the choices made for a few of them. Let’s see how this pans out. Oh yeah, before I forget, check here for previous entries to the Casting Call, and Go Here Now! if you have your own suggestions for the Casting Call. Oh, and yeah, there may be spoilers, up to Towers of Midnight . . . it’s not likely, but it’s possibly, so I said it.

Here we go.


One of Mat’s manservants since about Lord of Chaos, Lopin (along with Nerim) serve as a bit of comic relief a lot of times, playing “the Butler” role very well. He is described as somewhat portly, with a bluff face and a long beard, going bald, and being a dark complexion. Usually jolly.

Paul Giamatti as Lopin
There is no one better fit for this role than Paul Giamatti. Seriously, I dare you to tell me that picture above isn’t exactly as the character is described. Well, maybe not the “jolly” part, but I really wanted a pic of Paul looking badass, and I promise you, if you google him, all his other pictures look awesomely “jolly.” The man is a superb actor, has a great deadpan wit and delivery, and looks like he was made to play the character who’s description is given above. One of my favorite castings of the series so far.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Lady in the Water
Cinderella Man

Martyn Tallanvor

The guy that just won’t leave Morgase alone. Well, I guess they’re “in love” and all, but seriously, Tallanvor never comes across to me as anything in this entire series other than a complete and utter douche. I suppose there is supposed to be some charm to his character, with the whole re-swearing on Morgase’s name, and then following her to the ends of earth, and then being willing to leave her once she can’t make up her mind, and then the two are “happiliy married” in ToM . . . Meh. So description, tall, good-looking, dark eyes, older than Galad, younger than Gareth. Hmmm…

Karl Urban as Tallanvor
I have chosen Karl Urban for this, if for no other reason, than to prove to myself that I’m willing to put actors I love in roles I don’t particularly like, because that’s what works. Urban’s one of the best actors around right now, and presumably already knows how to use a sword, so that helps. I can’t recall if Tallanvor ever gets an opportunity to be a warrior, instead of just a weird “love” interest, but if he does, Urban will pull it off well.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Star Trek (2009)
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Ghost Ship (heh)

Masema Dagar

The prophet, the guy that, somehow and for some reason, was important enough that Rand sent Perrin after him to start the Neverending Plotline of Doom. The guy is pretty hateful, even back before he was the prophet, and his looks seem to suggest he’s not very pleasant – deep set “scowling” eyes, dark complexion, scars. Who could do this.

Danny Huston as Masema
How about Danny Huston? Well, I’m not really asking, am I? Danny tends to play a creepy-type of character – not creepy like Cillian Murphy, but creepy like, he’s making plans about your demise behind your back, and don’t-accidentally-walk-in-on-him-while-he’s-putting-his-knives-away-in-the-armory-behind-his-desk-creepy. Doesn’t that grin on his picture just look . . . twisted? I think he’ll do Masema just fine.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Children of Men
The Kingdom


One of the Wise Ones who helps train Egwene, Melaine is married to Bael and Dorindha. She is “handsome,” rather than pretty, appears young-ish, and has the typical Aiel features – tall, with red-gold hair.

Marg Helgenberger as Melaine
Marg Helgenberger is a good actress who fits these criteria, and she looks like she could kick your ass if she needs to (which, one could argue, is rather Aiel-like). She may be a little pale to play Aiel in a realistic sense, but most red-heads have a pale complexion (here in the real world, anyway), so all the Aiel are going to be paler than they would be from cooking (in a skin-tanning-sort-of-way, not a kitchen-way) in the Waste their whole lives.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
In Good Company
Mr. Brooks (Awesome!)

Merana Ambrey

An Aes Sedai of the Grey Ajah, Merana is first mentioned to us in Lord of Chaos as the leader of the embassy sent to talk to Rand in Caemlyn. She loses her place due to circumstances outside of her control, but becomes one of Rand’s most faithful Aes Sedai servants eventually. She is slim, with dark hair and “cool,” hazel eyes.

Gabrielle Anwar as Merana
I don’t really get the whole “cool” eyes bit, but otherwise, I like Gabrielle Anwar, another Tudors actress, for this role. She has a strong personality, which fits the typical Aes Sedai model, but at the same time, she has a bit of a frail look to her, which fits the superficial aspects of her breakdown and loss of control of the embassy.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
The Tudors
Burn Notice
Various TV Shows and TV Movies

Merilille Ceandevin

If nothing else, Merilille gets awards for having the most-difficult-to-type name in the damned series. All those ‘i’s’ and ‘l’s’ wreak havoc on my right hand. But on a more important note, she is another Gray Ajah Aes Sedai, who is sent to Ebou Dar to be emissary to Queen Tylin. She is a slender, pale Cairhienin with glossy black hair and large liquid dark eyes.

Rose Byrne as Merilille
Because I could not find specific mention of her age, I went relatively young with this with Rose Byrne. I don’t think she has naturally dark hair, but she looks good with it, so if they have to dye it, no biggie. And in case you can’t tell, I intentionally went with a non-glamor-shot, because I also don’t know what kind of ‘attraction level’ Merilille has.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Marie Antoinette
Knowing (I’m sorry, I shouldn’t bring this movie up in intelligent circles…)


A Brown Ajah Aes Sedai who “helps” Sheriam and crew out before Egwene, Siuan, and Leane step in and make Salidar work. She is also part of the conspiracy that sends Aes Sedai back to the White Tower as moles. She is stout, with gray-streaked hair, and has a round face.

Susan Flannery as Morvrin
Those criteria could be fit with a lot of actresses in Hollywood, but I’m really wanting to put Susan Flannery in this role (I’m saving Judi Dench for someone more important). Who is she, you ask? Well, don’t judge me too harshly on this knowledge, but she’s a Soap Star. I don’t watch them, but I know they exist, so bite me. Anyway, she’s pretty good at what she does (how do I know that?) and I think she’ll make a good Morvrin, even though she wears pink instead of brown.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Days of our Lives
The Bold and the Beautiful
… yeah, not a lot else . . . some old movies like The Inferno

Myrelle Berengari

The official Pain in Nynaeve’s Ass for several books, Myrelle is rumored to have married all her Warders, and is one of the best at reviving a Warder’s spirit after he loses an Aes Sedai. Which, when one follows the other, you can probably guess how that ‘reviving’ works. She is very beautiful, olive complexioned and dark haired, and is tall.

Alyssa Milano as Myrelle
Alyssa Milano was born to play the beautiful, sassy bitch that Myrelle is often portrayed as. She hasn’t done a lot in recent years, so this would be a great comeback for her. This is another of my favorite Castings, I think it’s a match made in heaven.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
My Name is Earl
The Blue Hour (kinda indie flick that you should see for something different)

There you have it. That’s it for the week. Join me next week, same time, same place, and we’ll see if we can nail down a really ugly kid.