No preamble this time, just straight to business. We still have a long ways to go.

Darlin Sisnera

We first meet Darlin getting thwacked by Mat upon the lucky hero’s daring rescue of the Supergirls in The Dragon Reborn. This may have had a hand in Darlin becoming the leader of the rebels who Rand finally got under his thumb in A Crown of Swords. He is chasing around Caroline Damodred, and Min knows they’re going to marry eventually, and when last we left him, he had been crowned the new King of Tear. Short, dark-haired, and “beautiful blue eyes” are all used to describe him physically.

Franco Nero as Darlin Sisnera
I knew I wanted to use Franco Nero somewhere in this Casting Call, and had him lightly ‘penned in’ for about five different characters. However, while looking for pictures of him the other day, I came across the one above, which settled him as Darlin, in my eyes. Franco hasn’t done a ton of American work, so you have to look hard to find him, but once you see him, you know he’s got what it takes to create a great WoT character.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Letters to Juliet
Die Hard 2
Lots of Italian movies

Daved Hanlon / Doilin Mellar

The creep of all WoT creeps, and still running rampant as of TOM (why has someone not finished this guy off yet?), Mellar/Hanlon is someone who, as Min viewed, has a lot of blood on his hands. He apparently has an unfortunate way with ladies as well. He is described as hatchet-faced, with dark, unblinking eyes.

Cillian Murphy as Daved Hanlon
Well, I didn’t exactly know how to go about finding actors who were hatchet-faced, so I started with the dark unblinking eyes. In Batman Begins, Cillian Murphy plays the very creepy Dr. Crane / Scarecrow, and he never blinks. And then, looking for pictures of him, it turns out he has a bit of a “hatchet-face.” He’s one of those actors that’s almost a “pretty-boy,” but has something funny about his face that makes him look creepy.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Batman Begins
Red Eye
28 Days Later

Davram Bashere

One of the coolest characters introduced to the series didn’t show up until the end of The Fires of Heaven, but man, does he make an appearance. Rand has just gotten done trashing the entire Caemlyn palace with his battle with Rahvin, has announced an amnesty for male channelers, and is rumored to have killed Queen Morgase herself. Davram walks into the room, surrounded by Aiel, holding a couple wine glasses, and essentially says, “Hey, I brought booze, are you the Dragon Reborn?” Awesome. Dark haired, very short, and with a typical Saldean-styled mustache.

Gary Oldman as Davram Bashere
Man, I wanted so desperately to put character-actor David Paymer in this role, but unfortunately, Mr. Paymer is just too old and fragile-looking nowadays to pull off a general and warrior, I believe. So instead, I went even awesomer, and put Gary Oldman there. Oldman can pull off any character he wants, and when he beats a role into submission, he literally becomes that character. One of the best actors of our generation, he’s relatively short, and sports a pretty awesome ‘stache.

Places you’ve possibly seen him (like you don’t already know):
Batman Begins
Harry Potter Series
Fifth Element

Delana Mosalaine

The wet-sock Black Ajah Aes Sedai, one of the least useful characters on either side (Light or Dark) in the entire series, but she gets to be up here if for no other reason that she constantly makes a nuisance of herself with the Salidar Aes Sedai. She is stout, old, and has a “melodious” voice.

Lauren Bacall as Delana
When Lauren Bacall was a much younger actress, she was known for her husky voice. That’s not necessarily “melodious,” but it’s distinctive enough to fit the character. Plus, she’s older now and pretty ‘stout,’ so should do well.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
My Fellow Americans
Various TV Shows

Dobraine Taborwin

Dobraine is a lord of Cairhien, and has consistently been one of the most loyal of Rand’s followers (at least, from Cairhien). We’ve never been given any reason to believe he’s not loyal, which is surprising, considering now tricksy all the Cairhienen nobles we’ve met so far have been. He dresses and grooms himself as a soldier, and is described as leathery, with deep-set eyes.

Matthew Frewer as Dobraine
Another character actor I always seem to like whenever he shows up is Matthew Frewer. He often plays creepy people (I guess it’s his face), and does a great job at it. He played Pestilence in Season 5 of Supernatural, and made for an appropriately nasty, disease-carrying villain. Of course, being such a great character actor (and being rather old and “leathery”), I don’t think he would have a problem at all being Dobraine.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
Dawn of the Dead
Various TV Shows (Especially The Max Headroom Show)

Dyelin Taravin

Dyelin becomes as much a help to Elayne as either of the other Supergirls, essentially being what Elayne needs to get her on the throne. She supports the Trakand house 100%, and even risks her life to fight off assassins. She is beautiful (“despite a few fine lines”), and has a strong face.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Dyelin
Michelle Pfeiffer was the only person I really even considered for this role. She is still beautiful, despite being over fifty now, and has experience playing strong characters. Her hair coloring helps fit her in the role as well.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Batman Returns
What Lies Beneath
Dangerous Minds

Eamon Valda

We seem to have several creeps in this week’s edition. Valda took over as the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light after Pedron Niall was assassinated. He immediately made friends with the readers of WoT by raping Morgase. Charming. He eventually receives his uppance from none other than Galad. His description is basically, “he’s average,” though he does have a “dark, and hard” face.

Rufus Sewell as Eamon Valda
Though he doesn’t necessarily fit the description (but doesn’t necessarily not fit it, either), I went with Rufus Sewell on this. He just looks like the kind of person you really don’t want to like, and he has tended to play characters like that in the past as well.

Places you’ve possibly seen him:
The Holiday
The Tourist

Egeanin (Leilwin) Tamarath

Egeanin is introduced early in the series, and we have no reason to suspect at that time that she will be important. Then RJ pulls his magic, brings her back into the story as a semi-major charcter, and now it’s looking like she may be on route to become extremely important (possibly saving Egwene’s life in A Memory of Light?). She is a ship’s captain, and is a hard woman, but lovely, with dark hair and blue eyes.

Lucy Lawless as Egeanin
Once again, I needed someone who could convincingly be a warrior, and I looked no further than Lucy Lawless. She has the proper features, knows how to fight, and is generally just a pretty cool actress. She’ll make a good team with Robbie Coltrane.

Places you’ve possibly seen her:
Battlestar Galactica
Various other TV Shows

Well, that’s it for this time. I am pretty fond of my selections this week, don’t have anyone that I think needs rethinking. We’ll start off with Elyas next week and see where that takes us.