Brandon Sanderon’s “The Great Hunt” is now over, and has revealed a preview chapter from the newest Wot book. Read “The Seven-Striped Lass” on Sanderson’s page, or a much prettier format of it over at

Here are my thoughts thus far (and yes, I know, it’s just one chapter in the middle of a book):

1st – I don’t know why he named the chapter that – it would have been just as appropriate to name it “Three Inns,” or something. Nitpicky on my part, and pretty unimportant.

2nd – This chapter does what most of the other Teslyn chapters have done since aCoS – namely, made her to look like one of the very few Red Ajah with a brain in her head. Good to see it’s still going on.

3rd – I see some evidence here that could lend itself well to Terez’ Gawyn Will Kill Rand theory. If Mat decides that the best protection he can offer Elayne (after leaving) is to loan her the medallion, well Elayne is only one step away from Gawyn. It wouldn’t work out exactly as her theory states, but I couldn’t definitely see situations where Elayne then “loaned” the medallion to Gawyn.

Overall, just makes me very excited to read the book.

Also, still thought Mat felt slightly off, some of his sarcasm didn’t ring quite true, but I’ve decided not to worry about that stuff anymore in this series, I think.